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Daily Tariff & Travel Cost Getting into Bhutan

Getting into Bhutan

Your visit to Bhutan should be routed through registered Tour company/counterparts abroad. We will organize your tour on a prepaid basis. The international tariff USD 250 per night per person was revised by Government from 2011 and includes transport, accommodations & meals, guide, and other necessary entry fees. Tour agents abroad will be entitled to 10 percent discounts on the above daily rates.



Entry into Bhutan or Exit from Bhutan at present by flight is normally the Paro airport only. Our Drukair operates the flight to and fro from Bangkok, Singapore, Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Mumbai, Baghdogra and Guwahati. It’s safer and easier to book your Drukair flights through us in Bhutan, as you will also get a good price deal.

Note: – The flight schedules and ticket costs for different flight sectors will be given based on the season. You must always keep ample time in-between your Bhutan flight departure from Paro and international flights checking in.

There is also an option to fly in or out (only one way) through Indian airline from Guwahati which is based at a place called Assam in India. If you wish to visit West-East Bhutan tour or vice versa will be more appropriate to use this Indian Guwahati airline one way as this airline is close to Eastern Bhutan.



The entry point into Bhutan by road is Phuntsholing through West Bengal– India with the nearest airport at Baghdogra and by air to Paro. Tourists to Bhutan are obliged to use Druk Air once either on entry into or exit from the country. The drive from Phuntsholing (border) to Thimphu (Bhutan capital) will be around 6 1/2 hours. However, Bhutan Travel Adventures will always use comfortable transportation based on your group sizes.